Spotlight: Prime residential rents

Supply and demand fundamentals provide the back bone to our latest five-year prime rental forecasts

In 2018, uncertainty regarding the political and economic outlook was the most obvious driver of both the prime sales and rental markets. Buyers and tenants remained cautious, resulting in markets that were price sensitive.

Yet, the political unknowns around Brexit aren’t the only factors affecting the prime markets.

Though we have been in (or are approaching) a period of peak political uncertainty, the size of year-on-year rental falls in the prime markets of London are at their lowest since March 2016.

Nor has the effect of a multitude of different market drivers (Brexit included) had a universal impact on different parts of the market.

So, in this report, we have analysed the fundamentals of supply and demand.

What sits behind the headlines of softening rents? How does the current situation compare with previous downturns? How much is the market influenced by London earnings? What will supply look like with buy to let landlords under pressure?

All of this allows us to examine what may happen to rents going forward, assuming that – sooner or later – Brexit is resolved.

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