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Italy outlook

Italy’s economy is emerging from a period of financial and political challenges, but stability is now in sight

■ Price stability

Rising transaction levels will reduce currently high levels of stock. Prices could stabilise next year, led by best-in-class properties.

■ Political uncertainty

National elections will be held by the spring of 2018. Polls show the Democratic Party neck and neck with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement.

■ Enduring appeal

The country’s history, heritage and beautiful natural environment will sustain demand over the long term.

■ Economic growth

The Bank of Italy revised its GDP growth estimates for 2017 to 1.4%, a significant upward revision since January 2017.

■ HNWI incentives

Italy’s new incentives for wealthy individuals follow in the footsteps of European rivals. If successful, they could further stimulate the prime residential markets.


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