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Savills hosts client graduate event - "Millennials in real estate"

On Thursday 11 April, Savills hosted its annual graduate event at Margaret Street. Welcoming 150 client graduates from the property sector, the panel saw four experts discuss the topic of “Millennials in Real Estate” and what the future of the industry looks like.

Chaired by Savills Head of Occupier Trends, Nicky Wightman, the panel comprised experts including Hamzah Shamma (Technology and Innovation Consultant at Savills Aguirre Newman), Jack Sibley (Technology and Innovation Strategist at Nuveen), Patrick McCrae (CEO of ARTIQ) and Michelle Dunn (Head of Global Marketing at what3words).

The discussion covered various trends in the industry with a particular focus on how technology is changing the nature of the workplace and how megatrends such as sustainability and mobility are becoming increasingly relevant for younger employees looking at potential roles within real estate. The panellists discussed how creativity and monetising it will become more and more important in an era where increased usage of technology and automation is often the favourable way of carrying out a task.

Dom Orchard, Graduate Surveyor “The purpose of this panel discussion was to bring to the surface some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our workforce at the moment. Technology is obviously an undeniable force within the real estate sector and can be really empowering for companies if harnessed in the right way.”

Nicky Wightman adds: “By encouraging our younger generation to think about how this tech can help us with global challenges such as sustainability and mobility, we are paving the way for a better world for generations to come.”

The panel was brought to end by discussing diversity and how the fact that the world is even more connected than ever will enable us to share ideas and cultural creativity in an ever more efficient way and that it is something necessary to bring a different perspective to the real estate industry if it is to continue to flourish.

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