Residential property in Russia

The Russian Federation is the world’s largest nation covering nine time zones and geography from deserts to mountains to dynamic cities.

The culture-packed capital Moscow is home to 12 million of the total population of 143 million, the vast majority of whom live in apartment buildings. Traffic is notoriously problematic in Moscow so demand to live in the centre is high.

Prestigious buildings in the historic centre include pre-Revolutionary 19th and early 20th century homes with attractive facades outside and high ceilings, elaborate mouldings and generous windows on the inside. Buildings dating from the Stalin era and later are more functional, often on the grand boulevards and can provide dramatic city views. More recently, modern apartment buildings have been built containing extensive facilities including gyms, pools, spas and underground parking.

Prime residential areas of Moscow are mostly to the west and southwest of the centre. Arbat west of the Kremlin is where many embassies are based and home to the prestigious Golden Mile between Prechistenskaya embankment and Ostozhenka. This is traditional and handsome Moscow where housing is in a mixture of historic pre-1917 buildings and top-quality modern buildings.

Nearby, desirable Patriarshy Ponds has mainly older homes, a lucky few overlooking the park and pond. It is central, green and conveniently close to six Metro stations and therefore a particular favourite with both Russians and expats.

Central Tverskaya-Kremlin includes Moscow’s smartest shopping streets, two large parks and easy access to several international schools. There are more international schools in Leninsky Prospect to the south where many expats choose to live.

The Automobile Ring Road known as MKAD encircles Moscow on its outer borders. It is usual for homes outside the city to refer to their distance from the MKAD. The concept of a country house, a dacha, remains popular with affluent Muscovites some of whom are moving permanently from the city in search of houses with gardens. Comfortable country club estates within 20 kilometres of Moscow offering townhouses or detached villas and communal sports and leisure facilities provide a spacious and green alternative to city life.