Residential property in Croatia

Between the Balkans and Central Europe with a long and spectacularly beautiful border on the brisk Adriatic Sea, Croatia shows off architectural and cultural legacies from Ancient Rome, Venice and Vienna.

Its crystalline waters and dazzling islands are world famous but from glamorous Hvar to quiet, mountain hiking trails it is Croatia’s diversity and wonderful natural beauty that most visitors remember.

This is a country for families, for anyone who enjoys boating and for history lovers. Celebrities have holidayed in Croatia for decades, lately being joined by a youthful crowd attending Croatia’s long list of annual festivals. The country’s reputation has spread fast but with such diversity it is still possible to live well off the tourist trail. As a whole the country has proved remarkably resilient to overdevelopment ensuring home owners have many opportunities to let Croatia’s classy heritage shine.

Croatia joined the EU in 2013 and while it still uses its own currency – the Kuna - property prices are generally quoted in Euros. Several international airports include Dubrovnik, Pula, Split and Brac.