Australasia offers sunshine, the big outdoors and remote, unpopulated beauty. In large parts this is the road less travelled, thanks mainly to its distance from Europe and east coast America, yet its fame is legendary.

Big cities, sweeping beaches, thousands of miles of undeveloped nature: Australasia provides endless possibilities, which is one reason why it continues to attract new arrivals from across the world. Australia and New Zealand with their winning outdoor lifestyle and welcoming can-do attitude make a home down under truly appealing for active buyers.



Beaches, green suburbs and attractive architecture are the hallmarks of Adelaide, the main city in South Australia.


The compact and modern Queensland city of Brisbane has wonderful Victorian architecture.


Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city after Sydney and lies on the south coast sheltered by Port Philip Bay.


Family-favourite Perth is defined by its beautiful, clean and often windy Indian Ocean white-sand beaches. 


Beautiful beaches, green spaces and a business-minded international population have helped propel Sydney, Australia’s largest city, to a starring role in Asia Pacific.

New Zealand

The big sky country of New Zealand has showcased its underpopulated beauty in many films and its magnificent biodiversity is a direct result of its sheer remoteness.