Supremely diverse Asia is the largest and most populous continent covering 48 countries with geography that ranges from deserts to the Himalayas and climates from arctic to tropical.

Asia’s shrines and temples attest to the region’s fascinating history but it’s the future that looks even more compelling. As more of us experience the hospitality and vibrancy of countries caught bewitchingly between the past and the future, Asia’s fast-developing cities are attracting the finest global talent and becoming modern shrines to contemporary architecture and supersonic success.



China is the world’s most populous country and the third largest in area with a dominant global economy.

Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong SAR has transformed itself from a collection of fishing villages into a sophisticated, exciting, neon-lit destination blending east and west, ancient and modern.


The Republic of Indonesia's fact sheet makes for fascinating reading: 150 active volcanoes, over 300 languages, and a widely varied religious and cultural life. 


Effortlessly polite, endlessly efficient and thoroughly modern yet with multi-layered history and culture, the economic giant of Japan is a fascinating country. 


Malaysia is divided by the South China Sea with Malaysia Peninsula to the west including the capital Kuala Lumpur and Malaysian Borneo to the east.


The 7,100 islands of the Philippines are a dream for adventurous travellers who come for extraordinary diving, good surfing and activities.


The wealthy and efficient island state of Singapore has great shopping and wonderful affordable food along with high rises, ancient temples and green spaces.


The economic marvel of Taiwan has become a star Asian trading region with a formidable and thriving technology and petrochemicals industry.


The Kingdom of Thailand ranges from a mountainous north down to the southern Malay Peninsula with numerous iconic islands in the Andaman Sea.


Vietnam curves around the eastern edge of the IndoChina peninsula bordering on China in the north and Cambodia in the south.