Residential property in St Kitts & Nevis

The two-island Commonwealth nation of St Kitts & Nevis combines rainforests, dormant volcanoes and glorious beaches with colonial history from French and English settlers.

St Kitts was carpeted with sugar cane until the early 2000s since when tourism has replaced it as the main income. Today the islands offer golf courses and marinas along with idyllic plantation houses converted into boutique hotels.

St Kitts was the first country in the Caribbean to establish a Citizenship by Investment programme and this has given island property fresh impetus. Developments are generally low level with newer projects concentrating on minimising environmental impact and preserving the best of the island.

Nevis, the smaller and far quieter sister to St Kitts, is only twenty minutes away by boat. It also has plantation house hotels including the location where in 1787 Admiral Nelson married Fanny Nisbet. Upmarket hotels, one with a golf course, confirm the gentle but chic vibe which has kept Nevis as a prized secret among its ever-loyal visitors and homeowners, most from the UK.

Property choices include beachfront apartments and townhouses with communal pools and tennis courts on superb Pinneys Beach or plots and detached villas on residential estates on the lower slopes of Mount Nevis.