Americas & The Caribbean

People have been choosing holiday homes in the Americas and the Caribbean islands for several decades. Just look at the glamorous black and white pictures of celebrities and aristocracy from the 1950s and 60s stepping out in Florida or Barbados.

Today new islands in the Caribbean are also on buyers' radar for a variety of reasons: the safety and stand-out restaurants of the Cayman Islands, the natural lush beauty of St Lucia, the sailing on Antigua where there’s a beach for every day of the year.

Then there are the great cities of America. New York for example where Brooklyn and Manhattan jostle to compete over who has the hippest new area. Or Miami where alongside sunshine oceanfront a newly discovered interest in art and architecture is proving irresistible.


Los Angeles

The big, brash and sprawling southern Californian city of Los Angeles is an international city that is about so much more than just Hollywood.

New York

Cities don’t come much more exciting than New York, America’s financial capital where high-speed glamour and limitless opportunities encourage new arrivals.


Miami is Florida’s capital by the sea, a dynamic sunshine city that continually surprises with its talent for reinvention. 

San Francisco

By American standards, San Francisco is a compact city, just 47 square miles but that hasn’t stopped people queuing up to move there.


The variety of the Caribbean is amplified in the Bahamas, a collection of 700 mostly flat islands of which only 40 are inhabited.


The west coast of Barbados, the much celebrated Platinum Coast, is one of best-loved locations in the entire Caribbean. 

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands opened their first dive shop in 1957 and five decades on the nation still reigns supreme as a favourite among scuba divers.


Grenada, the most southerly of the Windward Islands, combines beautiful beaches, state of the art marinas and a friendly vibe with the ever-present smell of nutmeg. 

St Kitts & Nevis

The two-island Commonwealth nation of St Kitts & Nevis combines rainforests, dormant volcanoes and glorious beaches with colonial history.

St Lucia

St Lucia has one of the most glorious, lush and mountainous interiors in the Caribbean where vertiginous roads twist and turn to give snatched glimpses of the sea.