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6 of the Best...Properties for wisteria-lovers

They’re the wall flowers for home owners who are anything but. Who hasn't stopped to admire a vivid display of wisteria, festooned across the front of a house? It's no surprise that properties covered in this eye-catching plant do exceptionally well on Instagram,  stirring up so-called 'wisteria hysteria' and garnering likes aplenty from anthophiles.

Mostly native to Asia and North America, Wisteria was named by botanist Thomas Nuttall in memory of Dr Casper Wistar, an American physician and anatomist. It will grow to anywhere between 10 and 30 feet and though it's famous for its purple flowers, it comes in a multitude of other colours including shades of white, pink and blue.

Wisteria is a long-living plant, thriving for many decades (sometimes centuries), which means the buyers of these wisteria-clad properties will be able to enjoy the floral display for years to come.


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