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6 of the Best...Scottish waterside homes

Humans have been drawn to waterside locations since they first began to explore the planet. Many millennia later, holidaymakers and home buyers still seek out rivers and coastlines, with recent studies finding that people who live near water are generally happier and healthier than those who don't.

So it is no wonder that Scotland, with more than 790 offshore islands, 6,000 miles of stunning coastline, 30,000 lochs and lochans and countless rivers, attracts so many buyers from across the globe. Indeed our waterside properties generated a premium of over 10 per cent above Home Report value last year.

Some Scottish waterside homes, though by no means all, are quite remote. Often our buyers work mainly from home, are early retirees or holiday-home owners with time to enjoy the sailing and fishing that Scotland is famous for, or simply spotting the diverse wildlife on offer, from grey seals and bottlenose dolphins to kingfishers and sandpipers.

Here is our selection of the finest Scottish waterside homes currently on the market.


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