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6 of the Best...Tudor homes

The important thing to remember about Tudor architecture is that it bridges three centuries, from 1485 to 1603. In its original form, the style epitomises a country that was economically thriving and confident in its global position – great houses from this time are dotted across the English landscape.

The Tudor era was also one of great social change in England and encompasses a period when improved economic conditions allowed a nationwide construction and home improvement boom, leading to new building techniques.

Up until this point, most houses were designed using local stone and wood and the introduction of brick led to widespread building. For this reason, the Tudor style can now encompass a variety of appearances, including – but certainly not limited to – the most famous black and white timbered facade.

While the Tudor architecture might not be to everyone’s taste, few can deny the desirability of large fireplaces and elaborate brickwork that typify the style. For those who do find it appealing, here are six of the finest Tudor homes currently on the market:

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