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The top 20 A List Islands for real estate investment

Top 20 A List Islands

From the picturesque countryside of the Channel Islands to the sandy shores of the Seychelles, which are the best islands for UHNWI real estate investment?

Savills Top 20 A List Islands ranks each island according to the volume of UHNWI property holdings, transport links to mainland markets, sources of capital, tax regime and real estate prices.

In addition to ranking the Top 20 A List Islands in the world, the league table compares the islands’ populations, connectivity to mainland, and typical property prices.

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Top 20 A List Islands

1. Bermuda, North Atlantic

2. Bahamas, Caribbean

3. Channel Islands, Europe

4. British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

5. Antigua, Caribbean

6. Islands adjoining west coast of Florida, North America

7. US Virgin Islands, Caribbean

8. Hawaiian Islands, North America

9. Islands adjoining east coast of Florida, North America

10. Cayman Islands, Caribbean

11. Islands adjoining the Carolinas, North America

12. Florida Keys, North America

13. Nantucket, North America

14. Saint Martin, Caribbean

15. Fijian Islands, Pacific, Asia

16. Saint Barthélemy, Caribbean

17. Martha's Vineyard, North America

18. Seychelles, Africa

19. Man-made islands off Dubai, Middle East

20. San Juan Islands & Whidbey Island, North America

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