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Looking ahead

Identifying the trends and destinations that will shape the winter sport industry

■ Open to change

Ski resorts are facing the challenges and adapting, whether it be to climate change, demographic shifts, or the new patterns in ski consumption.

■ Future proofing

Residential product developed today is increasingly aligned to future occupier demand. Models such as leaseback will help drive the market in Switzerland.

■ Active buyers

Although property values in the Alps are broadly flat, buyer activity from both domestic and foreign buyers remains strong.

■ New markets

Emerging middle classes in Eastern Europe, Latin America, China and other Asian nations are the skiers of tomorrow and may offset a decline in some mature source markets.

■ Beyond ski

Top-tier resorts in Europe and North America have a cachet and non-ski offering that makes them more than simply winter sports destinations.

Verbier, Switzerland

▲ Verbier, Switzerland

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