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Monaco in 2025

A dynamic city state, Monaco is planning for the future in order to cement its position on the global stage. The next decade will see expansion and land reclaimed from the sea, ambitious urban renewal projects and interests outside Monaco’s borders. Three projects alone will bring two new marinas, new cultural facilities and public spaces, and more than 100,000sqm of residential and commercial floorspace.

Future building - Sporting d'Hiver

Redeveloped as a whole new city quarter, Sporting d'Hiver will maximise use of an iconic site on Casino Square. The mixed-use scheme will provide an art gallery, conference centre, and residential and commercial space, all set within a high-quality public realm.

Sporting d'Hiver

Beyond borders - Cala del Forte

Monaco's marinas are at full capacity. To meet demand, the Principality's government has acquired a marina in the Italian town of Ventimiglia, 14.6km east. Due to complete in 2019, Cala del Forte Marina will be fully integrated into the Port of Monaco, offering 171 berths for yachts of up to 60m in length.

Cala del Forte

Scene stealing - le Portier

Six hectares of land will be reclaimed from the sea to extend Grimaldi Forum and provide new villas and apartments, a marina and public space in the form of a park and promenade. Tests have begun ahead of construction. Due to complete in 2025.

le Portier

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