Spotlight: Alpine Property Market – 2016/17

As conditions change, the property market in the Alps is faced with a number of challenges and opportunities

Europe is undergoing considerable alternation at present. Britain is set to leave the EU, currencies have fluctuated and another Eurozone member, Italy, threatens stability with a potential banking crisis.

In the centre of all this, nestles the ancient and enduring landscape of the Alpine mountain range but, even here, the forces of change gather.

The winter sports market, the bulwark of the Alpine economy, is seeing new trends which will alter the fortunes of towns and villages in the region. Some resorts will win by adapting and diversifying their markets, while others will suffer from shrinking skier numbers and ageing populations.

Globally, the potential for growth in skiing, winter sports and summertime mountain recreation looks strong but Alpine resorts will need to adapt to the new markets that will be created and new trends if they are to flourish.

Buying an Alpine property with confidence means understanding these trends and spotting which resorts and types of property are best placed to weather storms ahead. In this, our 9th Alpine Property Market Spotlight, we examine the predominant trends, look at the countries and resorts doing well, identify where property is best priced and how the ski market is developing globally.

This report points the way to where both quality and value can be found and is recommended reading for anyone with an interest in the sector or looking at mountain real estate for profit or pleasure.


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