Spotlight: Alpine Property Market – 2015/16

Navigating the property landscape of the Alps, and beyond.

Those Alpine home owners who have acquired property in one of the most popular prime locations of Switzerland in recent years may be experiencing mixed emotions, depending on whether they want to sell in the near future or not. Having invested in one of the more recently buoyant Alpine markets and, more importantly, having invested into a Swiss franc denominated asset, they will most likely have seen some currency appreciation.

However, the strength of the franc now means there are fewer non-Swiss buyers in the market and they will be noticing higher maintenance and servicing costs. Meanwhile, cheaper properties in France and Austria may have been letting well and providing good euro income but appreciating less in capital value.

All this illustrates the perils and profits of owning Alpine real estate and the necessity of choosing the right property and the right resort, depending on the length of ownership intended, whether investment is for capital growth, income, a mixture of both – or just for pleasure.

Added to these decisions are the questions of what is happening to demand for Alpine property generally and how this interacts with supply. It seems inevitable that new markets need to be found and/or resorts need to adapt and broaden their appeal to wider markets than wintertime downhill skiers, if their value is to be maintained.

This publication attempts to guide Alpine home buyers through the buying landscape and traverse the slopes of ski property investing. It highlights some of the global factors at work in determining ski demand and then highlights some of the property and resort characteristics which will help to weather the snowstorms and ensure maximum enjoyment on the piste.

Will resorts need to broaden their appeal?

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