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Location by Location: Africa and the Middle East

The potential for property investment in this region is vast given the size of population, rate of urbanisation and economic development.

■  Africa and the Middle East is still considered a distinctly high-risk region by most global investors so only a few locations stand out as investible.

■  The potential of this region for real estate investment is vast given the size of population and rate of urbanisation and economic development.

■  The main barrier will continue to be fear of geo-political issues and conflict but key cities and resorts as diverse as Dubai and Cape Town make themselves accessible and friendly to the international market.

■  We expect the bulk of overseas investment into Africa to remain in large infrastructure projects and agricultural land but these will gradually open up more of the region to other types of real estate. Resorts serving the wealthy of the region are the next most likely to rise in popularity and prominence for real estate investors.

Regional Economic Statistics and Trend

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