World Residential Markets 2015 – 2016

Where next for global property investment? We assess the performance and prospects of residential markets across the world.

Residential real estate markets are, by definition, local, rooted to the earth in a particular time and place. Most are not traded globally like gold, commodities, equities and bonds although there are global forces at work on them and shaping their future.

Success in buying homes or residential property investments abroad therefore depends on understanding which forces are local and which are more universal.

This new publication contains information on a wide range of popularly invested residential real estate markets around the world. They range from small, top-end resorts through well-known regions to major world cities.

While they are unusual in attracting significant amounts of crossborder money, they are all subject to underlying demand and supply factors which govern the way that markets move worldwide.

"Success in residential property investments abroad depends on understanding which forces are local and which are more universal"

Yolande Barnes, Savills World Research

The challenge for this publication was to identify these basic factors which all markets have in common. The exercise meant that we have been able to put to one side the issues with which local commentators may be currently fixated and instead focus on the basic, longer-term market drivers which are relevant to all markets.

The three metrics that we identified as having the greatest fundamental influence on housing markets generally are detailed in our Market Overview.

They determine the directions of markets but, overlaying these macro-level issues are a series of cultural, policy and even psychological factors like the reputation of some jurisdictions as ‘Safe havens’ which can make an enormous difference to how they perform, especially in the short term.

Location by location

Our location by location commentary covers the local news and considerations relevant to residential investment markets in 27 different places around the globe. They reveal some very different approaches in different jurisdictions to residential property issues, ranging from golden visas to cooling measures, for example.

This approach of national trends overlain by local and policy issues has enabled us to form a robust view on where the different markets may be headed in future. As most of the markets we cover are prime city or prime and ‘second home’ resort, we have also taken a view on how they may differ from the nation’s mainstream housing market. These prognoses, a mixture of empirical analysis and qualitative evaluation, are outlined on Prime Market Dynamics.

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