Spotlight: Prime Lisbon Residential Market

A Western European capital offering value, Lisbon is attracting a diverse international buyer base

Lisbon is a prime example of a European heritage city poised to recover strongly as a variety of occupiers and investors seek economic recovery and growth.

This plays alongside a compelling lifestyle story which is likely to attract human capital in the digital age.

The city has the particular advantage of looking good value by comparison with other western capitals. Low real estate prices make it particularly attractive to investors from countries where property investment is a relatively recent phenomenon and where values are relatively low.

Investors from recently emerged and emerging countries, including Portuguese-speaking countries in South America and Africa are already taking advantage of these favourable conditions and making purchases. Lisbon stands out as one of very few locations outside the Americas which has attracted Brazilian buyers and hints at the possible development of an ‘Atlantic rim’ market.

Lisbon appears to have the opportunity to join the group of global elite, premier cities which enjoy international inward investment in real estate markets offering safe haven, stability and security with high-quality product and lifestyle. If it does so, further capital and rental value uplift would appear likely.

The famous Rua Augusta Arch

▲ The famous Rua Augusta Arch

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