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Video: Around the World in Dollars and Cents

This report examines how money is flowing into real estate globally, and it shows how important private has become.

Yolande Barnes candidly discusses why ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) have become important, where is the money going, and most interestingly, what is the broader impact?

To our knowledge, this report is the first that measures directly owned property holdings against commercial and corporate real estate.

It has a knock on effect and has implications for everyone, including the average homeowner.


The world of real estate
Trends in wealth and real estate
The rise of private real estate

Private vs corporate investment
The bricks and mortar billionaires

A world of choice

Who buys what, where

Regional trends
The flow of wealth
Global hot spots

Global Chinese investment

Destination New York

World trends in real estate

Summary and outlook


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