Tristam Larder

European Investment

What is your role?

I work in the cross border investment team concentrating on investment into the French market.


Are there any specific projects or opportunities that you have worked on?

I worked on the sale and leaseback of 300 Kwik Fit units in France, UK and Holland with a total value of over €200m.


Has your Savills experience been what you hoped for?

Absolutely.  Savills is completely meritocratic so you do not need to worry about your age or a glass ceiling.  It is a very streamlined firm with minimal bureaucracy so you can concentrate on what matters: your work and doing well.


How would you describe your working style?

Fairly haphazard in a creative way.  The trick in what I do is trying to make two parties understand that this is a deal they want to do and then keeping the road ahead as smooth as possible.  Sounds easy, and it can be, but can also be very tricky.




“There are endless opportunities to get involved in really interesting and varied projects, across the whole business.”

Lydia Brissey
Savills London

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