HS2 offer cash incentives to property owners

12 March 2012

HS2 has contacted property and land owners along the proposed route seeking permission for entry to conduct environmental surveys.  These surveys look at the impact of the rail line on local wildlife. The NFU and CLA have reached an agreement with HS2 regarding the formal licence documentation that accompanies these surveys, and owner occupiers will be entitled to receive £1,000 on signing the form to allow contractors entry.  In the case of landlord and tenant the payment is split 25% to the Landlord and 75% to the Tenant.

In addition to the £1000 payment, there appears to be additional payments of £170 per 24 hours for each subsequent non-invasive survey and HS2 will pay for any damage done or losses caused. However the environmental surveys are only the start of the payment scheme and landowners are likely to be subjected to bore holes, trial pits, penetration tests and archaeological surveys as the scheme progresses.

It does appear that in addition professional fees will be met by HS2. According to Nigel Shields, Savills HS2 specialist, “If professional fees are going to be covered it is worth employing someone experienced in the field of compulsory purchase and compensation to ensure you receive what you are owed.

“The main concern with environmental surveys is with regard to cross compliance, claiming Single Farm Payment, ELS and HLS schemes as the areas claimed on can be affected and reduced”.


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