Sporting rates deadline looms

05 February 2018

The New Year marked  the half way point of the six month appeal window, with now less than eight weeks remaining to submit an appeal before 31st March 2018 of those 10,300 ‘Stage 1’ Shooting Right or Deer Forest entries already received.

It is imperative that land owners and occupiers affected by this re-introduction seek professional advice and appeal where applicable.

The best course of action remains to be threefold:  Firstly, undertake the initial free Stage 1 entry review and appeal as applicable (SBBS reliefs remain uncertain for 2018/19); secondly investigate all mitigation options available. (This has already yielded considerable savings for some of our clients); and lastly engage in the ongoing industry consultations with the Scottish Assessors Association (SAA) against the currently adopted Practice Note.

Peter Wilkinson, Savills Rating specialist said:  “We are already being notified by clients that the SAA has started serving ‘Stage 2’ entries and undertaking inspections of the yet to be assessed ‘associated buildings’:  namely deer larders, chillers, bothies, stores, dog kennels etc. Assessor staff are also picking up other previously unknown non-domestic use activity. As such it is imperative that clients are aware of the implications. All ‘Stage 2’ entries raised before 31st March 2018 will be back dated to 1st April 2017.

“Hundreds of Notices have been incorrectly served on the wrong individuals. As such it is imperative that landowners and relevant occupiers take the initiative and ensure they will not miss the opportunity to check/appeal their entries because of any admin failings by the SAA.”

It is understood to assist in picking up the several 1,000’s of entries not yet raised the SAA will soon issue a further, but this time much condensed FOI – Form Of Information request form to landowners and occupiers. The primary objective is to identify those missing holdings not yet assessed and gather in additional rental comparable information.

For more information about how to appeal please contact: Peter Wilkinson, Savills Rating Specialist, 07866 976135,


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